Name Variations & Your Personal Information

As a buyer or seller there is a lot of personal and private details you have to share with multiple parties. A few of these being your full legal name, marriage history, and social security number. These pieces of information are important for a title company to have...

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What is an Open Mortgage?

A common cloud seen on title is an open mortgageā€¦but what exactly does that mean and how is it fixed? An open mortgage simply refers to a mortgage that has not been fully paid off or one that was paid off but never cancelled in the record. This presents as a cloud on...

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Do I Need a Survey?

One of the key steps in purchasing property is getting a survey. A survey is a detailed map that shows the boundaries of the property, the location of improvements such as buildings, fences, and driveways, and any easements or encroachments that may affect the...

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Why Use a Title Company?

When engaging in a real estate transaction, it can be challenging to identify the various parts and players involved and decide whom to rely on. A crucial role in this process is played by your title company. So what exactly does a title company do? A title company is...

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Succession

In Louisiana, a succession refers to the legal process of settling a deceased person's estate and distributing the property (after all debts are paid).   Real estate professionals will want to ensure that the person trying to sell a property has the proper...

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