1. Protect Your Largest Investment


Think about it, what do you have that isn’t insured? You insure your life, your car, your health, and maybe even your pets… why wouldn’t you insure your largest investment? You can insure your investment with a one-time fee by purchasing owner’s title insurance. Not only does owners title insurance protect your property for your lifetime, it extends through the life of your heirs well.


2. Reduce Your Risk


Perhaps after you purchase your home you find that there are outstanding mortgages, judgements, or liens against your property because the previous seller had not paid his taxes. Maybe there is pending legal action against the property or an unknown heir makes himself known and claims ownership of your property. Wouldn’t you rather be protected than end up in the middle of a legal battle?

These situations are somewhat uncommon, but it’s important to remember that even the most meticulous and preventative work can not locate hidden hazards of title. Rest assured, if title insurance is purchased, you’re protected from inheriting possible debts or legal problems.  Protect yourself and purchase owners title insurance. Owner’s title insurance can even help cover payment of claims if one of these unfortunate circumstances were to arise.


3. Best Value


Since owners’ title insurance is only required once – through a one-time fee, the value is unprecedented. For only 0.5% of your homes value, you can protect yourself from the situations mentioned above.


4.Know the Difference


If you’re asking yourself, “why would I need this, I already have homeowner’s insurance,” there’s a couple things you should know. Homeowner’s insurance ONLY protects the physical structure of your home and its contents. Owner’s Title Insurance protects your property rights. Unfortunately the two do not overlap and without owners title insurance you are subject to risks regarding your property rights.

Protect your property rights; ask your processor for an owner’s policy of title insurance when buying property.