“Hey neighbor, when are you going to fix those rotten boards on your fence? It’s making my backyard look dingy.”
“Excuse me, but that is YOUR fence.”

And so it begins; the familiar dispute over property lines. It is important to know where your property lines lie for various reasons including: building improvements (from fences to sheds) or general interference with an established property use. While this is very common and the most popular reason for getting a survey, there are other instances that you may not have thought about.

  1. Zoning Classification
    1. While there may be a single-family home on the parcel of land that has been there for many years, there is always the possibility that the property could be zoned for other uses. It could be zoned residential, multi-family, commercial, or even light industrial. All of these factors can affect a property’s value, so it is always important to know what the zone classification is for resale or for future improvements on your property.
  2. Utility Lines Underground
    1. It is always, always important to know where any and all of your utility lines are located. Not only for maintenance but for any home improvement projects you see in your future. So before you dig into the ground to create that wonderful poolside oasis, you should know where all of your utility lines are to prevent any disasters that could harm you or your property.
  3. Cemeteries
    1. Did you know that a surveyor has the ability to determine if your property was built on ancient burial grounds? It is unlikely that you would know if there was an old family burial ground in your yard unless there was evidence such as a headstone. However, a survey will show the exact location of any cemeteries on your plat. So, whether you want a visit by Stephen King or you want to make sure you have no uninvited guests, it’s always a good idea to get a survey.

For all of these reasons and more, it is always a good idea to have a survey done to protect you, your property, and all of your home improvement dreams.